Eating Out Made Healthy The Emily Reynolds Way

By Emily on Monday, April 30, 2012 2:25 PM

Whether you are a professional fitness competitor or simply trying to stay healthy, you can maintain your social life by going out to eat with friends and attending family gatherings while eating clean, lean foods.

Here are my top tips that I use. These are my best practices when eating away from your own kitchen, where you are 100% in control:

*First off, be aware that the average restaurant meal is five times the FDA recommended portion size, so ask your waiter the portion size before ordering.

*Look at the menu online beforehand, so you can be prepared and don’t feel peer pressure when your waiter arrives and is ready to take your table’s order.

*Order appetizers as your meal – these portion sizes are way more realistic.

*Stay away from diet killers such as dairy, sugar, gluten (breads and pastas), artificial sweeteners and alcohol.

*Ask for all toppings and dressings on the side. This way you choose how many added calories you do or do not want on your meal.

*Never order “diet” anything!! These artificial sweeteners are toxic to our bodies. Instead of soda drink water with lemon. Lemons are super alkalizing.

*Carry your own little shaker of pure stevia to sweeten foods rather than using sweeteners or even raw sugar, which will pack on the pounds.

*Carry a small shaker of Himalayan rock salt with you to season your food rather than regular table salt.

*If you like a dish that has pasta or bread, simply ask to substitute it with lettuce - or better yet spinach!

*Season food with mustard, salsa, hot sauce, cinnamon, fresh herbs and pepper. These are all zero calories and natural metabolism boosters.

*Always load up on extra steamed veggies to fill you up.

*Don’t feel like you have to order off the menu – many restaurants will accommodate special orders. Just make sure your meal is rich in protein, such as fish or chicken, and has lots of colorful veggies for those vitamins and minerals. Most any restaurant will be happy to prepare a meal the way you like it.

*Ask if they have coconut oil in the kitchen for cooking; otherwise have your meal steamed, broiled, baked, poached, boiled and request no oil or butter. Never have your meal fried – that is an order!

*Tell them you have allergies to whatever ingredients you want to avoid and they will make your food exactly the way you order it, as it is a liability if they don’t J


* Remember, what you put in your mouth is ultimately no one’s choice but your own. You are what you eat, so don’t crumble and cheat yourself when friends call you “high maintenance.” Just flex and tell them you want lean, mean muscle and a body that you are proud to show off in a bathing suit this summer!!


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