Best Full Body Holistic Cleanse

By Emily on Sunday, November 27, 2016 4:25 PM

Everyone wants to cleanse after the holidays. When people ask what my favorite cleanse is & can tell you HANDS DOWN my fav full body cleanse is:
The 8 week full body Des Bio Cleanse!!
What I personally want in a cleanse: Holistic, no fillers and toxic chemicals, easy,  effective and covers all bases in organ cleansing! There are a few cleanses that I like but the Des Bio if the most well rounded.
How easy is it? It's all liquid drops for the entire eight weeks and then on the first two weeks you also have a powder and some pills for bonus liver detoxing during that first most intense of the cleanse. The first few days were when I have experienced the most detoxing!
You can only order thru health care providers so I can do that thru our wellness center. We have had tons of clients do this cleanse and it has been super popular! It's even help clear up eczema, digestion issue, fatigue and helped many drop extra lbs!
The best thing about this cleanse is that you eat a regular healthy diet! You will get a comprehensive meal plan for the whole 8 weeks with your cleanse! And to be honest with you I didn't need to change a thing when I did it - nothing. So if you eat healthy you won’t be overwhelmed. Of course, if you eat fast food you have to make changes. The program is very detailed and anyone can easily follow it.
The cost for the cleanse is $190 & includes shipping.
Here's a link with really in-depth information on the cleanse to at least get you started learning about it:
Contact me directly for questions and ordering:
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