A Pill For Every Illness...Overdosed America

By Emily on Monday, May 11, 2015 11:25 AM

You have been totally duped by your misinformed drug pusher (MD) if you're popping prescription pills.

Did you know that for every $1 you spend on prescription medication you spend another $1.85 on treating the negative symptoms that those poisonous pills have created within your precious body.

Get real with yourself and start taking responsibility for your lifestyle. If you're suffering from a chronic illness you should take a look at the food you are eating, the exercise that you're not doing, the relationships that you engage in on a daily basis, your inner most feelings and self talk, unresolved hurt and stress from your past, detoxing your organs from every day chemical damage and your overall lifestyle patterns and environment.

Our health is simply a reflection of the life that we are CHOOSING to live. If you allow yourself to be in a toxic relationship then you are putting every cell in your body in harms way. If you save your pennies rather than buying nutrient dense organic food then you are sacrificing your full potential and allowing your body to not function at it's optimal level. If you have aches pains and discomfort yet do not seek out methods of natural healing then you are speeding up your deterioration.

You have the freedom to choose health. But the most important step in the process is to recognize that you are in the driver seat; you are in full control of your destiny!

If you run to your to your physician in hopes of a magic pill then you cannot claim that you are willing to put in the work to heal. If you say you understand that there is no magic pill why are you still searching for it?

Be the one percent and rise above the norm. Be your own best advocate and fight hard and be willing to do anything that it takes to heal your body naturally from the inside out. Provide your body with the tools to thrive!

Be stronger and fight hard to achieve what you say you really want!

Depend on no one but yourself and what nature provides to give you everything that you need and desire out of your life! Let your setbacks and roadblocks make you stronger and force you to dig deeper research further and come out on top.

Do not let our drug addicted, misinformed, toxic society become your norm. Refuse to idolize drug pushers and deny them the power to decide your fate!

Be the one percent! Be the one who motivates you the most and the one who changes the next-generation. You have the power within yourself to become the best healthiest strongest and most vibrant version of yourself every single day of your life!

** Don't stop until you achieve this and when you arrive all I ask is that you pay it forward** Please share; many thanks!


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